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Raised in a multi-talented family, it was clear early on that Lauren would grow to express herself in the most creative ways possible.  From writing mini plays for her family when she was young, to songwriting in her teenage years, and now working as a professional actress, there was no other path for Lauren.  

Lauren grew up in a small town in Mississippi, but moved to Hendersonville, TN when she was 10 years old. She found her love for performing in high school when she played her first role in Peter Pan as Curly. From then on, she knew performing was her calling.  Lauren went on to attend Austin Peay State University and graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre.  She currently resides in Nashville with her dog, Cash.  

Some have said that Lauren's comedic timing harkens back to that of Lucille Ball, at times can sound like Judy Garland, and has the contemporary songwriting style of Regina Spektor. These women have shaped and inspired Lauren's career as an actress and musician.

A lover of baking, her dog (really, I don't know what I would do without him!), and binge watching The Office, Lauren is an actor, singer, dancer, and performer who loves bringing stories to life!